Aluminum is Environmentalist

The environmental awareness that has developed in the world in recent years has come to the fore in our country and has been questioned especially in terms of industrial activities, environmental damages and benefits. In this context, the environmental pollution that various products may create during their production and when they become scrap / waste at the end of their life has become important. From this point of view, aluminum products are not a source of environmental pollution both when they are produced and where they are used. Scraps can be recycled and turned into new products and are not thrown into the nature. It is also known that by replacing wooden joinery in buildings, it reduces the use of wood and thus protects precious forest assets. The fact that aluminum is an environmentally friendly material, which is durable, clean, healthy, non-flammable, non-deteriorating, can be used in all climatic conditions, long-lasting and aesthetic products, has made it always preferred and gained the quality of the metal of the age.